We have you covered for your long or short term rentals. Equip-Co has a wide selection of inventory ready to deliver to you today. If you need a bus for moving workers, we have that. When you need a truck for the road, or for a job we have you covered.  Get your next utility vehicle for your turnaround job from Equip-Co. We have the vehicle inventory to help you get your job done.

Equip-Co specializes in getting the right vehicle to you when you need it.  Units are ready to go today. Let us help you whether you are taking your unit on the road or to a job Equip-Co can meet your vehicle needs.  We have a wide selection of utility vehicles and and carts.  If you need a diesel or a gas vehicle we can handle that for you.

12 and 15 person passenger vans are ready to move your people to where they need to be today. Hauling more than 15 people?  Let us set you up with a bus that will meet your needs.

Equip-Co will work hard to meet your vehicle needs.  Please look our inventory and find a vehicle that will work for your next job. Call us today at 281-479-6725.