About Us


Headquartered in Deer Park, TX, Equip-Co Transportation is one of the areas only privately owned corporate transportation companies. Founded in 1986 by Roger and Leona Allen, Equip-Co began as an equipment rental company. In 1988, Equip-Co made the transition to truck rentals, specializing in providing job trucks for the gulf coast area, refining industry, and support contractors. Soon after, Equip-Co expanded the fleet as requests came in from local area businesses to provide passenger vans, buses, flatbed trucks, golf carts, and utility vehicles.

Today, Equip-Co has a fleet of 300+ vehicles.

Equip-Co is always prepared to handle reasonable requests and will work with companies to provide what they need, when they need it, without downtime. Every vehicle is regularly serviced so that there is less chance of problems in the field and on the job. In the event of a problem occurring, Equip-Co staff members will deliver a temporary vehicle to the site so that the company doesn’t lose valuable time working on transportation.  For three decades Equip-Co has provided transportation services to thousands of satisfied customers. Equip-Co has gone to work for Fortune 500 Corporate America as well as small businesses.  No matter what size your company, money can be saved by renting rather than buying.  Don’t tie up needed capital for short term transportation needs. Equip-Co provides transportation services to satisfy almost any need; if not, let us know and we’ll work with your company to get what you need when you need it.